Giprokoks Europe Sp. z o.o., located in Chorzów, was founded in November 2009.

    The company is a representative of the State Institute for Designing Enterprises of Coke Oven and By-Product Industry located in Kharkov, Ukraine and a representative of Koks-Kompleks Engineering Office located in Kramatorsk, Ukraine. Giprokoks is our shareholders.

    Giprokoks offers complex engineering services, specifically in the field of design of new and reconstruction, rebuilding and modernization of already existing coke oven batteries all over the world.

    The Institute was founded over 80 years ago and every third tonne of coke in the world is produced with the batteries designed by Giprokoks.

    On the base of Giprokoks designs, 59 coke plants in 25 countries all over the world with production capacity equalling from 200 thousands to 7.600 thousands tonnes of coke annually have been constructed.

    The Institute employs 600 employees at the present, 500 of them are a high-qualified engineering staff with great experience.

    Our partner Koks-Kompleks, company with over ten-year experience – deals with machines and equipment design (detail engineering) for coke plants.

    Koks-Kompleks developed a technical documentation for machines used in coke plants and equipment for plants in Poland, Brazil, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine. This company employs over 40 experienced specialist design engineers at present.

    Both companies have design potential which allows undertaking operations on the worldwide markets.

    Long-term experience, high-qualified educated engineering staff and innovative technologies are the reasons Giprokoks and Koks-Kompleks have presence everywhere where there are new investments in the coke industry.

    The aim of our Company is to maintain a direct contact with customers by way of better recognition of needs and presentation of up-to-date engineering solutions and innovative products in the field of chemistry of coke.